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■ Welcome, My name is porkypink.
■ どうもporkypink (ポーキィピンク)と申します。

Lets start from the  Golden Rule:This site is for Anime / Touhou lovers. If you don't like either or, LEAVE.
まずはゴールデンルールから: 当サイトは、東方アニメを愛し合える人専用です。片方叩くのであれば、お引き換えください

■ Here you will find my simfile charts of Anime / Touhou related songs.
■ こちらでは、アニメ東方関連の自作譜面を公開してます。

■ I create simfiles for 4Key / 6Key Stepmania players.
■ KB(キーボード)用の4・6押し譜面を作っております。


■ I use Stepmania 5 so the files I create are in .ssc format and NOT .DWI
If you play on any older version, there can be slight sync delays or crashes.
It is highly recommended that you download stepmania Version 5

■ 自分、Stepmania 5使ってるので、ファイル形式が.SCCになっております.DWIではありません。
なお、それ以外のバージョンで起動すると音ズレやバグが起こる場合があります。stepmania 5を使うことを激しく推奨します。

If you find any difficulties please contact me in any form.

■ Here are my stepmenia song file and related link(for other bloggers) banners. I will add your blogs link with a banner if we relate through stepmania!! Contact me for detail.
■ 相互リンク歓迎してます!。相互リンクバンナーとステマニ曲ファイルバンナーです。よかったら使ってください。


porkypinks creation bn 

I think Im done...
Now Go Play!

law of porkypink



This rating applies to Anime songs or any song within 1:30 The real
judgement is within the numbers.

Level 7: Noob. Very rare that I make these
-These are stepped to key beats and mainly vocal
-# of jumps vary from 0-30

Level 8~10: Overall same difficulty between these three. Though changes Depending on songs
-Default easy difficulty
-More beats are added creating a basic rhythm with vocal emphasis
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 50-100

Level 11: A little more freedom on my part
-Default Hardest difficultly of my files
-I try not to add 3 step jumps but there can be some
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 150-200

Level 12: My World
- No 4 button jumps
- It's how I really enjoy the song

-Ideal # of jumps vary from 180-280

Level 13~14: Some next level shit
-Expect Everything
-I myself cant properly full combo these but I know there's a lot of people who
are better than me. So these are for you guys.

The Truth of Level 13-14 charts:

I added the visibility factor of the notes itself. Whether the background image makes it hard to see,
whether the mines are crammed up with the notes, whether I put a ridiculous BPM change, or whether
it similply has too many notes.

You are more than welcome to turnoff mines / use custom speed / turnoff the background.
HOWEVER, doing so will definitely ruin the potential enjoyment I get from playing these files. It is Highly recomended that you do not change these settings.

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