law of porkypink



This rating applies to Anime songs or any song within 1:30 The real
judgement is within the numbers.

Level 7: Noob. Very rare that I make these
-These are stepped to key beats and mainly vocal
-# of jumps vary from 0-30

Level 8~10: Overall same difficulty between these three. Though changes Depending on songs
-Default easy difficulty
-More beats are added creating a basic rhythm with vocal emphasis
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 50-100

Level 11: A little more freedom on my part
-Default Hardest difficultly of my files
-I try not to add 3 step jumps but there can be some
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 150-200

Level 12: My World
- No 4 button jumps
- It's how I really enjoy the song

-Ideal # of jumps vary from 180-280

Level 13~14: Some next level shit
-Expect Everything
-I myself cant properly full combo these but I know there's a lot of people who
are better than me. So these are for you guys.

The Truth of Level 13-14 charts:

I added the visibility factor of the notes itself. Whether the background image makes it hard to see,
whether the mines are crammed up with the notes, whether I put a ridiculous BPM change, or whether
it similply has too many notes.

You are more than welcome to turnoff mines / use custom speed / turnoff the background.
HOWEVER, doing so will definitely ruin the potential enjoyment I get from playing these files. It is Highly recomended that you do not change these settings.

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