WEBpage face-lift =O 新しくなっちゃった


Yea, found out too many problems with my old template, so I decided to just stick to a default theme. Now all browsers should work and resolution-free.

- I have now made a anime and toho list that has 25 songs on one article. Link is at the top navigation where it says "Anime" and "Toho".


- アニメ・東方の譜面をそれぞれ一つの記事に25曲ずつまとめました。リンクは上のナビ、「アニメ」

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Oranization is key... 公開スケジュール一様・・・


■ I made a schedule that I'll try to follow... Only to help myself and everyone. Lets see if I can manage it.

Recent Anime Preview Upload Time: 8:00AM NY TIME
Recent Anime Release: Delay 63 hours after Preview 1:00PM(NO LATER THAN 72 HOURS)

Other Simfile Preview Upload Time: 12:00AM/PM
Other Simfile Release: Delay 24 hours after Preview

■ いつまでも気まぐれでいられないと思ってスケジュール作ってみました(自分ように)。よかったらみといてください。

最新アニメ譜面予告: 午後9時
最新アニメ譜面公開: 予告から63時間以降 午後12(72時間以内!)

他譜面予告: 午前・午後1時
他譜面予告: 予告から24時間以降

For now this will be my Schedule.

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My first time website designing


This is only my first time messing around with html and CSS, I still don't know details about it since all I really did was copy and paste codes online...

So I would really appreciate comments and help! As I mentioned, I don't know alot of stuff. My default browser is chrome but I hear layouts can change if it is a different browser. If it looks weird on any other browser let me know! and tell me how to fix it XD

Another problem is, when you window size this site the sides will collapse so don't make this site into a window! Lol I need to know how to fix this too asap.

If theirs any tech's out there contact me!

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