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Please refer to my BBS Forum before sending me a message in the mail form below! This is for personal contacting or anything that the BBS didn't cover.




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My first time website designing


This is only my first time messing around with html and CSS, I still don't know details about it since all I really did was copy and paste codes online...

So I would really appreciate comments and help! As I mentioned, I don't know alot of stuff. My default browser is chrome but I hear layouts can change if it is a different browser. If it looks weird on any other browser let me know! and tell me how to fix it XD

Another problem is, when you window size this site the sides will collapse so don't make this site into a window! Lol I need to know how to fix this too asap.

If theirs any tech's out there contact me!

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Every art and music here are not originated by me. The art work and music itself are solely for entertainment purposes. I try to receive permission to use most of them.
This site does not upload MP3 files for straight forward download purposes. Therefore, if you want good quality files please buy the respective official albums.

If there is any artwork that is yours and you are bothered of it being displayed here, please contact me! You must prove that it is 100% your artwork.(ex: PixivID)




"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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Requesting (リクエストなう)


Post your requests here and only here please. I will announce and open this
thread when I am taking requests. When I'm not this thread will be locked. 
When this thread is open I take requests for one week. At the end of the week, if I pick your request, I will announce it in "W.I.P. (予定譜面)"

記事が開かれたとき、リクエストを一週間受け付けます。その週の最後に、私個人が選んだ曲が 「W.I.P. (予定譜面)」に発表されます。

READ BEFORE POST! otherwise...


Write the name of song, Artist/Circle.

Only Touhou / Anime relate requests please. That means no hentai, eroge, vocaliod etc.
(stuff from niconico is allowed)

If you want to take back/change request, please say so here within 48 hours. If any later I will
take the request whether or not you want it


For songs that exceed 2 minutes will be cut down. If you want a specific part write the time frames of start / end min:sec (within two minutes)
2分超える曲は縮めます。希望の場面があれば始まりと終わりをいってください 分:秒 (二分以内)

I can't guarantee the length of time of completion, it can be within 2 days, 1 week or even a month.

 Each person must request one song at a time.

I will make two charts for each song and I will decide what difficulty it will be (Defualt 9/11)

law of porkypink



This rating applies to Anime songs or any song within 1:30 The real
judgement is within the numbers.

Level 7: Noob. Very rare that I make these
-These are stepped to key beats and mainly vocal
-# of jumps vary from 0-30

Level 8~10: Overall same difficulty between these three. Though changes Depending on songs
-Default easy difficulty
-More beats are added creating a basic rhythm with vocal emphasis
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 50-100

Level 11: A little more freedom on my part
-Default Hardest difficultly of my files
-I try not to add 3 step jumps but there can be some
-Ideal # of jumps vary from 150-200

Level 12: My World
- No 4 button jumps
- It's how I really enjoy the song

-Ideal # of jumps vary from 180-280

Level 13~14: Some next level shit
-Expect Everything
-I myself cant properly full combo these but I know there's a lot of people who
are better than me. So these are for you guys.

The Truth of Level 13-14 charts:

I added the visibility factor of the notes itself. Whether the background image makes it hard to see,
whether the mines are crammed up with the notes, whether I put a ridiculous BPM change, or whether
it similply has too many notes.

You are more than welcome to turnoff mines / use custom speed / turnoff the background.
HOWEVER, doing so will definitely ruin the potential enjoyment I get from playing these files. It is Highly recomended that you do not change these settings.

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