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Otaku's Dream is currently the most active community for updates of Anime/Video game stepfiles. It is known for the massive packs of 50+ songs that is created and released on this forum by various people. They have 4-5 judges that judge all stepfile submissions for the best quality packs. There are 9 Anime packs so far and I have decided to join the 9th pack with 5 submissions.



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SHUT UP and EXPLODE preview


SHUT UP AND EXPLODE, Opening Theme song of Xam'd lost memories! I would like to mention, its been a month since I have opened this blog! Feels like forever but really its not -_-;; Uploads of simfiles has been delaying recently and it might continue to be so unfortunately.

お久しぶりです。最近譜面上げなくなってるね・・ほんときまぐれですみません。今回は忘年のザムドのOP SHUT UP AND EXPLODEの譜面になります。 アニソンにしてはちょっと変わってる曲で結構人を選ぶ曲だと思います。個人的にはとても盛り上がります。

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